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Free Background Images : Styled Photos for Blog Posts

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It is freebie time once again for all my friends in this crazy (but fun and fulfilling) world of blogging. This time, I am giving away a bundle of 5 styled stock images that you can use for your blog or your business…all for free!

Yes! you heard me right…all are free background images your can use for your blog post titles!

And wait up! There is more to it… 4 of the high resolution free background images are optimized for pinterest. I made it horizontal, at 2600pixels wide which you can easily resize to 800pixels wide, which is by the way, the ideal pinterest image. This is the size that attracts pinners to share your pin and repin them and therefore bringing more traffic to your site.

I am a huge Pinterest fan! I have been seriously revamping all my blog post featured images here in my site to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Pinterest has brought more than half of my blog visitors since I started optimizing my blog images for Pinterest

free background images for blogs and busines

Can i use these free background images for my business?

Sure you can! You are free to use these pretty styled images for your personal use like your blog posts titles, product branding or for your social media presence. You do need to write some link to this site too, but off course, it would be greatly appreciated if you do 🙂

If you think these free background images are of great use to you and your brand, then watch out for more blog goodies coming your way!

For now, here are the links to some of the freebies that we gave away previously.

Stay tuned for more freebie blog graphics and images! I will also be posting more design tutorials coz as I always say…

“I blog about blog design tutorials because I would love to see my clients/readers customize their own blog themes DIY style”

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