ways to make your blog look professional

8 Ways to Make Your Blog Look Professional

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Now for my blog post for today, I am going to talk about 8 ways how to make your blog professional even if you are just starting out as a blogger. I do not claim to be an expert on this but as a designer, I do believe I have the eye for a good, professional design.

ways to make your blog look professional

You may be blogging for money or for a hobby but either way, your blog should exude a professional look.

8 Ways To Make Your Blog Look Professional

1. Own your domain name

It is a fact that a self hosted blog is the way to go if you are serious about growing your blog, but if at all you are still in a free blogging platform like Blogger, one of the ways to make your blog look professional is to own your domain name.

2. Put (pretty) images in all your blog posts

All of your posts should have a featured image. It is also very important that your images should have a uniform width. It should be the same width as the post the post container width of your theme. This would make your blog look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

3. Choose a good theme and maintain a clean layout

As you grow your blog, you get the tendency to get carried away and just keep on adding things in your sidebar. Ads, blog buttons, linky party links, social media buttons or some graphics here and there. Believe me, these overcrowding will make your website look unprofessional and your reader’s will find it really hard to figure out what your site is really all about.
There are a lot good themes out there, both free and premium, and it is only up to you, on how you would maintain its look.
You can check out some of our Premade themes built on the Genesis framework, all will provide you a good value for your money. (now this is what you call a shameless plug) 🙂

4. A good logo or header to represent your brand

A cohesive design is very important. Your blog should have a logo or a header that you should use in all your blog’s social media account. It should only be one logo with little variations so not to confuse your readers.

5. An awesome “About” page

A great “About” page is important if you want your site to look professional. An “About” page is one of the first page every reader looks for the first time they visit a blog or business site.
Here are some blog posts to help you get going on writing that killer “About Me” page that would surely keep your readers hooked to your site!
How to Revamp your About Page from Thinking Closet
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I seriously need to revamp my “About” page too! Eeeep!

6. A “Contact” page that is visible on your homepage or your landing page

One of the ways to make your blog look professional to have a contact page that is visible in each and every page of your blog.
Do not let your readers rummage through your site just to find a way to reach you. People just don’t do that…no matter how interested they are to connect. Period.

7. A search form and Email subscription opt in box on the upper fold of every blog page

Another important part of a blog that you should not take for granted is a search box and an e-mail or newsletter subscription box.
Why do we all start blogging? One of the main reason is to grow readership and eventually get clients or customers to purchase our products or services, isn’t it? Then please do not give your potential client a headache trying to find his way into any part of your site. Give him an easy access to an email subscription box too!

8. Avoid intrusive pop outs and loud music backgrounds

Background music and intrusive pop ups are really annoying. You all know that.
Imagine this — you are reading a blog..you are all soaked up with all the valuable information you are getting from this blogger and bam! suddenly a pop up comes to your screen, asking you to subscribe to the blog, even before you finish what you are reading! Maybe it is just me, but it is kinda irritating.
I am not saying that pop ups are definitely a no-no. It could be a very valuable marketing tool if you place it on the right places or let them pop on the right time, maybe. But background music? Ohh please…

Now there is my top 8 ways on how to make your blog look professional. I know there are a lot of other ways that I was not able to include here so please feel free to chime in down below.

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