Custom Design | Process

We at Rakshi Creations offer our clients an affordable custom design WordPress theme that are fun, trendy and functional. All our themes are customized Genesis themes built on the robust and SEO ready Genesis Framework.

1. Fill up a short “Project Request ” form

Fill up the initial custom design project ” Request Form”. The more detailed, the better. I will get to know your design preferences and style. I will be able to assess at this stage if I can fulfill all your expectations.

2. Detailed “Project Form” to get us started.

Check your email.

I will be sending you a more detailed questionnaire within 24 hours. I will continuously communicate through e-mails before we finally seal the deal. You need to choose the package that you want to order too. Click HERE to check them out.

3. Seal the deal.

You will get a 50% invoice from Rakshi Creations through Paypal. Once the invoice is paid, I will book you in our custom design waiting list.

4. We will create your theme. Let us do the magic.

On the start date of our project, we will start creating your blog design based on the information you sent us.

I will send you a mood board within a week for your approval.

5. Revisions, revisions, revisions and final approval.

You will be given a link where you can check out our progress on the design process. You can suggest changes along the way.
The time frame for this step will depend on your end. I do not limit the number of revisions of your design. I want you to be completely happy and thrilled about the project.

6. Give your new blog theme a test run.

We will give you instructions on how we go about with the installation of your new theme. We will give it a test run on your own WordPress dashboard and on your own blog. Again, revisions are allowed! This is how we love our clients. We want everything to be perfect for you.

7. Theme design finalized and blog launching

Once we finalized the design and you are totally loving your new theme, then we will send you the remaining balance invoice for payment.

8. Your blog will go live!

Congratulations! you are now rocking an awesome Rakshi Creations blog design created just for you.

Enjoy blogging! We still be around and will address all your questions about your new theme.


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