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How To Start A Blog |10 Easy Steps – The Ultimate Guide for WordPress Beginners

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The information contained in this post has been updated on February 4, 2017. This is the “Ultimate Guide for WordPress Beginners on How to Start a Blog”

I have been designing WordPress themes for more than 2 years 3 years and I noticed that more than half of my clients are new to the crazy world of blogging and really have no idea on how to start a blog in WordPress.

Starting a blog is quite easy. It would take you just 5 minutes to start a blog but the hard part is on actually maintaining it.

I have been in your position 3 years ago and it could be quite frustrating. I was on Blogger for a while and when I finally decided to totally own my site and move to a self-hosted WordPress site, I was confused on where to start.

I decided to write this “How to Start A Blog” guide specifically for those of you who have not started blogging yet — for total newbies…or for those who are in other blogging platforms and are planning to switch to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

How to Start A Blog in 10 Easy Steps

how to start a blog guide

Step 1 : Get a reliable hosting company to house your hard work.

Before you can start your blog, you need to choose a good hosting company. I personally recommend Bluehost, it is where my blog is hosted right now and I am very satisfied with their service, and particularly very impressed with their 24/7 customer support.

I have tried 2 other equally big hosting companies before but I am glad I switched.

Click here to go to BlueHost ( This link will bring you to another window, so you can have a guide and instructions as you do your work.)

And hey! they are having a sale right now and you can just get your hosting for just $3.95/month! Now go ahead and click on the Bluehost link above and work your way through using this guide.

Click the ” Get started now” button pointed by the pink arrow.

how to start a blog

 Step 2 : Choose your web hosting plan

Now you have to choose your web hosting plan.

I would suggest and highly recommend that you choose the “plus plan” for the reason that the plan will allow you to host unlimited domain and subdomains. I am on the same plan right now and hoping to upgrade as soon as the traffic in my blog grows some to start a blog

 Step 3 : Choose your domain name

Write the domain name you want for your blog on the space pointed by the pink arrow. Still confused on what domain name to choose? Here are some tips and pointers :

  •  You have to go with
  • Make it as short as possible and avoid hyphen, numbers or any obscure figures that would be difficult to remember
  • Make it easy to remember, you can even use your own name!
  • You can think about names that are related to your niche. Let’s say you are planning to blog about recipes, then you think of a name that has recipes, dish or cuisine in it. The list is endless. If that domain is not available, mix it up, be creative!
  • You can click here if you still want to read more tips on choosing your domain name before you start your blog.


how to start a blog guide

 Step 4 : Enter your account, package and billing information.

You can either pay by credit card or by Paypal. A Paypal account is very important for bloggers, especially if you have plans to monetize your blog. It is also a very secure way to pay through credit card by associating your card with your Paypal account.

how to start a blog guide

 Step 5 : Click on ” Submit ” and your (almost) done!

A welcome email will be sent to you containing links to your Bluehost login information.


 Step 6 : Check your e-mail ( the one you used when you registered)

Go to and login to your account. Use the details that Bluehost sent you.

how to start a blog guide

 Step 7 : Install WordPress

how to start a blog guide

Navigate to the “Website” area in your CPanel dashboard and click “Install WordPress”.

Go on and click that orange WordPress icon.

how to start a blog guide

how to start a blog guide

 Step 8 : Provide all the data for the completion of WordPress installation for your blog

There will be a drop-down menu, where you can choose which domain name you want WordPress to be installed on.

Leave the “Install in directory” box empty. In the “Admin access data” area, put the username you want to login to your WordPress admin area. Provide a password too. Fill up the “Base configuration” and click INSTALL!

how to start a blog guide

 Step 9 : Click on the WordPress admin area link

You will be provided a WordPress admin area link after you click install WordPress . It would look like this ”

 Step 10 : Enjoy blogging and congratulations!

how to start a blog guide

Now you go and play around with your new WordPress blog. I know you are thrilled! I am too! — and I am so excited for you. There are a lot of useful step by step guide here in Rakshi Creations to walk you through.

Your domain name is live now!

What next? Get an easy to customize blog theme to dress up your little space in the web! If you used my link in this post to sign up to Bluehost then you can have any one of our theme designs for free!! Just my way of saying thank you.

Send me an email or shoot me a comment down below, after you sign up and I will send you the premade theme design of your choice!

Browse through all our WordPress tutorials here at Rakshi Creations. These are written for newbies, as well as bloggers who have been in the business for years but is new to WordPress.


I would like to inform you that I am currently affiliated with some of the provided links in this post. This means that I would get a tiny amount of commission if you sign up using my link, but this would not mean additional cost for you, but it will help me a lot in continuing to provide valuable information contained in this blog for free. I am only recommending products or services whom I trust and I am currently using so you will be in good hands for sure

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