Well, Hello There!

I’m Tisha.

I am the lone force (Oh well, I am not literally alone, since I have these 2 guys here who does not really want to leave me alone) behind this creative little online space I fondly called Rakshi Creations. I design feminine, trendy and functional WordPress themes built on the Genesis framework.

I love to create pretty blog goodies and give it away for free! 🙂 .

I started tinkering with CSS codes and graphic design as a hobby. It became a passion for me later on.

Blogs with gorgeous styled photo overlays as their featured blog post images always get my attention. All. The. Time.

So – even if the content does not really interest me initially, I linger and check out the blog anyway.

I enjoy writing simplified and easy to follow design tutorials for non-graphic designers so that they can make their blogs pretty without hiring me! Isn’t that convenient?

I have a busy career and two little hunks to take care of — but I still find time to squeeze a little bit of graphic design, modern calligraphy and styled stock photography into my schedule.
A certified busy bee. And oh, I’m In love with a 3 boys(yup! three!), Sruj, Rakshi and Ruski.

It’s a pleasure meeting you. I am sure glad you are here.

Welcome to my creative playground!

I would love to connect with you. Follow me by clicking on the icons below.